Hope Brought In The Midst of Despair

“Therefore take heart, men, for I believe God that it will be just as it was told me.”
Acts 27:25

We are entering another week in these crazy times. This morning came early for me and I started it in Acts 27: 1-26. As I was reading this passage, I wondered why there was so much detail about a ship and its battle against a raging storm. I know it’s there for a reason, because, it’s part of God’s word, but, why? What does this particular scripture have for us today? I pressed on and as I came close to the end verses,the words became crystal clear.
The Apostle Paul, on his final voyage to Rome, the place of his final ministry, had spoken and warned them he feared the remainder of the voyage would end with great loss of cargo and their lives, but, the centurion listened to the ship’s owner and others instead, so, they sailed on. Just let me pause here for a moment and ask: “Do you ever feel your voice isn’t heard? You feel your words of concern sail across the sound waves like a lead balloon?” I know all too well the heartache and the discouragement of such moments. Take heart and be reminded when God has a plan and a purpose, it will be carried out.

Understand, Paul didn’t have a choice here, because he was a prisoner. But sometime in the night he was visited by an angel of the Lord and in verses 22-25, after they had given up all hope of their lives being spared, and, after, they had not seen sun or stars and had gone without food for many days, he makes his shipmates aware of the message of hope he received. He instructed them to take heart for all their lives would be spared and only the ship would be lost.

What a marvelous message of hope Paul
had for those who hadn’t listened in the beginning. God’s plan was for Paul to go to Rome and be brought before Caesar. God’s plan would not be deterred. God’s plan today will not be deterred!

Paul had a surprise visit from an angel who brought a message of hope at the right time of need. God often shows up when all hope we have in ourselves and our things have been exhausted. He wants the glory and praise from us and for others to know Him and His power to save. Don’t be quick to give up, God works on His time, not ours.

When God has a task for us, He will give us what is needed to carry it out. Because of Paul and God’s plan, He spared the lives of all on board. God’s hope is not for us alone, it’s for all who will believe. He simply uses us when we surrender to His will.

Maybe God has a specific task for you.
Maybe their is someone who needs a word of hope or just needs some encouragement today and God is asking you to remind them of His wonderful words of love, hope, peace and joy. Maybe someone just needs to know Him and His saving power. Maybe, just maybe God has a task for you and you’re discouraged thinking all hope is lost. It’s not! Maybe there is someone, that on your behalf, because you care and because you have prayed, God will open their heart and they will understand who He is and will accept His grace. So many maybe’s Don’t give up. God is still working. Even to the last shred of hope, He’s still here! God bless.

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