Simply Growing Faith One Step At A Time

Lighted Candle by Jarl Schmidt

“Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

Psalm 119: 105, NKJV

A Hard Look Back

Because I grew up watching pro football with my family, and understand the game,  I often compare my spiritual life to that of a receiver.  I imagine myself lined across the field with the quarterback. As he calls the play and steps back,  I seize my opportunity to run all the way down to the end zone. Clear and unencumbered I wave my hands.  The ball goes up,  travels long and the catch is made.  Score! Touchdown! I do my happy dance before I realize something went wrong. I take a hard look back and see flags on the field and the referee waving no good. I hang my head in dismay and walk back to the one yard line wondering if I heard the call correctly.

Recently I took some time to evaluate my own spiritual growth and began to pray for God to show me which area of my life needs attention. I’ll be honest and say I was looking for something new. To my surprise God nudged me to go back to one thing He had put on my heart to do many years ago! Ok, Lord, I thought I had understood Your call and I ran with it. The problem is I somehow left God behind.  I heard the call, and then I developed a plan and put it into motion moving straight ahead with full force and wondered where God was. The truth is He never moved from the one yard line and He never told me to move either. Ouch!

A Light to Light My Way

Through our Home Group Bible Study I was reminded of the verse listed above. God promises to light our way, but His timing is not the same as ours. His ways are not our ways and His ways are so much higher. He is the light that lights each step just enough for us to take one step at a time. My husband and I just returned from a weekend trip where we used our navigation system to show us how to get to our destination.  We watched our car travel on the screen and looked for those red pins to pop up and show us how far away we were.  I like those maps, but God doesn’t work like Google. He doesn’t lay it out and then send us on our way,  instead,  He simply ask us to trust Him to get us where we need to be. He doesn’t need our help, He just ask for our surrender.

Growing His Way

I asked God to show me how to do His will in this area of my life and He opened the door for an opportunity to minister to another I didn’t see coming. Once again I asked and once again He lit my path and showed me a simple approach to His calling. I now realize, I saw the big picture, but missed the pieces. God simply ask us to take baby steps.  He invites us to stop along the way and color some of His beauty into another’s life. He ask us to allow the detours and invest in another’s soul.  He asks us to show kindness to an unkind heart, to give grace where it isn’t sought, to show mercy where no mercy is known. He simply ask us to spread hope where no hope is found. He invites us to be His hands and feet to go where He calls and do what He has prepared for us. He allows us to participate in placing the pieces, He gives us, together to form a picture only He can complete. May you find rest in knowing His way calls us to simply grow in faith one step at a time. God Bless.

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